Premises Liability

Premises Liability Attorney Serving DFW

Have you been injured as a result of someone else’s mistake, negligence, or wrongdoing? No one expects to be injured. Unfortunately, injuries can occur at any time or any place. Property owners, as well as businesses, have the responsibility to provide a safe environment for you and your family. The owner is legally accountable when they fail to do so and an injury occurs. This is premises liability.

While trying to cope with physical pain and recovery, victims are often faced with enormous medical bills from their injuries, time missed from work, and emotional scars. If you or someone you love has been seriously injured through the fault or negligence of others, you may have the right to recover damages.

Personal Injury Resulting from Unsafe Premises

Slip and Fall

You have been injured due to another person’s negligence. A slip and fall accident can take place for many different reasons. Some of the most common reasons include icy sidewalks, inadequate entries or exits, spilled liquids, slick floors, unmarked construction, poor lighting, improper slope, uneven surfaces, and unsafe conditions. These unsafe premises are hazardous and can cause serious injuries.

Wet floors are an accident waiting to happen. A wet floor can lead to a fall or even worse. The owner of the property could be liable for any injury you have from your accident.

Curb Defects

We see it every day as we walk to our jobs or live our daily lives – damaged, crumbling or unsafe curbs. Curb defects such as these are dangerous. Many devastating injuries arise from people slipping or tripping on these damaged and neglected curbs.

Insufficient Lighting

When living your everyday life, shopping at local businesses or running everyday errands, you have the right to be safe. You expect areas to be well lit and free from obstructions. Unfortunately, when areas have insufficient lighting, the threat of crime increases as well as accidents.

Falling Objects

Falling objects that cause injury sometimes occur in large, warehouse-type discount shopping businesses. The storage of large quantities of items in a place where customer traffic occurs can create a hazard.

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Parking Lot Falls

Damaged lots such as these are dangerous. Potholes, cracks or sinkholes are an accident waiting to happen. Many devastating injuries arise from people slipping or tripping on these damaged and neglected surfaces.

Utility Poles and Electrical Accidents​

A utility company may incur liability when it fails to adequately maintain and inspect its poles, wires, access points, and facilities. Utility poles can cause injury when they fall due to inadequate maintenance or inspection. Electrical wires must be properly grounded, maintained, and inspected.

Negligent Security

Many companies use security services every day to protect you. The problem with many of these security guards can be lack of training and or inability to perform their job safely. Victims of negligent security include individuals who have been raped, assaulted, shot, stabbed, or violated on another person’s property.

Negligent Hiring

Employers have the responsibility to protect you in the employment selection process. When they fail to make a reasonable selection, employers can be held liable for not thoroughly checking reference information. It is important to obtain adequate information to ensure that the new employee does not repeat a negative past behavior pattern and create problems for the public.

Negligent Training

Employers have the responsibility to protect you by training their employees. These employers can be held liable for not appropriately training an employee to perform their job requirements. When this lack of training impacts the public, the business can be held liable for damages.