Victim of Credit Fraud?

Jan 1, 2012 | Bankruptcy

Consumer credit sales and home mortgages are some of the most regulated transactions in the American economy. State and federal statutes place certain restrictions on the conduct of mortgage lenders, retailers, debt collection agencies, and credit reporting companies. Nevertheless, we hear so many complaints about fraudulent credit practices you’d think the fair credit laws had never been passed.

If you think that you have been damaged by unlawful or deceptive credit practices by a mortgage company or bank, an auto dealer or sales financing company, a debt collector, or a credit reporting agency, contact Ted Machi & Associates, PC today. Our familiarity with the federal and Texas statutes that regulate consumer lending, together with our 35 plus years of experience in North Texas courts can be a major advantage for the prosecution and enforcement of your claim.

The Texas unfair credit practices lawyers at Ted Machi & Associates, PC represent consumer clients on claims involving the following:

  • Unfair practices in the auto sales and retail credit markets, such as “loan packing”, or undisclosed charges for credit insurance or disability insurance
  • Violations of the Fair Credit Reporting Act, such as false reports of overdue payments or the confusion of another person’s credit history with yours
  • Predatory lending practices in the residential finance industry, including “mortgage flipping”
  • Nondisclosure of balloon payments, adjustable rate terms, default conditions, or other terms in violation of the Real Estate Settlement Practices Act
  • Violations of federal truth-in-lending requirements by credit card companies or other consumer retail lenders
  • Unfair debt collection practices, such as harassing phone calls or attempts to collect satisfied or unenforceable claims
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