Car Wreck on a Texas Highway – What to Do and What Not to Do

Jan 18, 2018 | Vehicle Accidents

A car wreck is a terrifying experience. You are likely shaken emotionally and mentally, or even worse, you could be seriously or severely injured. It is important at this difficult time to keep your wits about you as much as possible and remain calm. It’s also essential to document the details of the wreck as much as possible.

What to Do if You Are in a Car Wreck on a Texas Highway

First, check to see if anyone is badly hurt – or worse. Then, call 911 and report the crash to the police. Let authorities know if anyone is injured. Here are other critical actions to take:

· If the engine is still running, turn it off

· If your vehicle can move, get it over to the side of the road. Of course, in serious car crashes, this is not an option.

· Seek medical attention, even if you think you are fine. Some injuries may not become apparent immediately, and you need to ensure you are not hurt. Do not say to anyone at the scene that you are not hurt. If it turns out you do have injuries that were not immediately apparent, such a statement can harm your case. If a paramedic or police officer suggests you should go to the hospital, follow their advice.

· Take videos of the scene with your phone so that you have a visual record. That includes shots of the crash itself, as well as any skid marks, damaged property, and injured people.

· Get the contact information of all parties involved with the crash, and the insurance information of the other driver involved.

· If there were witnesses to the crash, ask them to write a statement about what they saw or record the statement on your phone. Get the names and contact information of any witnesses.

What Not to Do If You Are in a Car Wreck

What you don’t do is as important as what you do at the scene of the accident. Here are the basics:

· Never leave the scene of the accident. That is a crime under Texas law.

· Don’t scream, curse or act disruptively, even though you are upset.

· Do not discuss who was at fault with the other driver or anyone other than your insurance company and the police.

· Avoid signing any documents at the scene, except for the police report.

Do not speak to the other party’s insurance company until you have contacted a lawyer. Do not talk to your insurance company about any settlement or expense at all. Once you have agreed to the terms, you cannot change them. Your lawyer knows the proper settlement amount for your type of accident and should negotiate for you.

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